About Me

I am a woman who believes in educating my fellow women on how to look beautiful and radiant. I believe looking good is an act that should be practiced by all women and should be done effortlessly without having to queue up in beauty saloons wasting time and money that can be useful in the family upkeep.

I created this blog to discuss women-related health issues, your facial looks and how to handle it at the comfort of your home, your skin care and your child health with tips on how to solve each problem at the comfort of your home using things in your surroundings and kitchen.

 I don't believe in investing all your earnings on beauty products so as to look attractive, I believe in easy, unique, cheap and ideal ways of achieving your aim without stress.

As a woman, after reading any of my posts feel free to give your own suggestions to help other women learn from your own idea or experience.

Also, to disperse this information of mine, I wrote some e-books to help women who really wants to have the knowledge of doing things in the comfort of their home or those who are adventurous in nature, these books are listed below.

Facial and skin homemade remedies (slimming root)

 Natural hair treatment and anti-aging

Learn how to make body cream, make-up and facewash

Contact me via email at for your copies delivered to your mail.

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