What Makes Babies Cry And How To Deal With Them

September 10, 2017

Do you know as a mother your baby relies solely on you? This is because your baby believes it is only his or her mother that can give him or her all he or she needs such as warms, food and a sense of belonging.

Your baby believes the only way he or she can communicate with you to get attention from you is only by crying until he or she starts growing where he or she starts interacting or communicating with the mother in other understandable ways. Such as noise making, eye contacts and smiling.

When a baby cries, it makes the mother worried and restless. She tends to look for ways to comfort her baby because the little one cannot speak but can only express her feelings by crying.

         12 Conditions That Can Make Your Baby Cry And How To Solve Them.

Your Baby Might Be Hungry

This is commonly seen among newborns. This is because the younger your baby is the higher possibility of he or she always crying for food, it happens because his or her stomach is very small and can take little quantity of breast milk at a time.

As a mother, you must be ready to feed continuously till she is filled or as long as she intends to feed even if she stops crying. To avoid this scenario, it is better to look out for some early signs she might tend to show as a sign of hunger which may include using his or her head to search for your breast or sucking of hands or smacking of his or her lips.

Your Baby Might Needs Cuddling

Your baby crying may be a sign that he or she needs to be held close to you. Babies generally need to be sure they are in safe hands so they want to be close to their mother and feel their warms and comfort.

To get this attention, they tend to cry. All you need to do in this situation is to sing and sway your baby while you cuddle her the more, this can help a great deal.

Your Baby Might Be Feeling Hot Or Cold

This can be checked by feeling your baby’s tummy whether it is too hot or too cold. When preparing or lying your baby’s cot, make use of cellular blankets or sheets as the beddings.

When your baby cries, if his or her tummy is cold it means you need to add an extra blanket to your baby’s beddings. If his or her tummy is hot, it means you need to extract one blanket from his or her cot.

Other things you need to put in place in any of these situations is not overdressing your baby because this will make him or her too hot but have it at the back of your mind that your baby needs to wear more than one clothing to make him or her comfortable.
Also, when putting him or her to sleep, let her sleep on her back this will help him or her not to wriggle underneath the blankets which can make her feel hot.

Your Baby Might Need A Diaper Change

Some babies don’t cry when their diaper is wet except they feel irritated but some tend to cry immediately their diaper is soiled or wet.
When this is noticed, then all you need to do is to give him or her change of diaper because singing or swaying your baby might make him or her cry the more.

Your Baby Might Feel Like Crying

When a baby cries consistently in an otherwise manner is regarded as colic. It can be seen as a situation where your baby cries because he or she is tensed and frustrated making all efforts to comfort her void.

Experts assume that colic is not associated to troubled tummy as some people think it is but they tagged this period as PURPLE having the following meanings.

Peak or climax of crying – that is your baby tends to cry more every week when he or she is two months old and cry less when he or she is between three and five months old.

Unexpected or sudden cry – your baby tends to cry suddenly and keeps quiet without knowing the cause of her cry.
Refuse soothing – this happens when your baby refuses all ways to comfort her.

Pain – like or worried face – this happens when your baby cries looking as if in pains which are not.

Long periods of cry – it happens when your baby tends to cry for a long period of time says for hours and you don’t understand why.

Evening – your baby tends to cry mostly in the late afternoons and evening especially when he or she is less than 4 months old.

Your Baby Might Be Teething

This can make your baby cry the more, this is because babies feel more restless a week before a new tooth surface. When the restlessness is noticed call your doctor immediately. Teething in babies can begin earlier but you can help your baby by giving him or her gum massage for relief.

Your Baby Might Have Wind

This happens when your baby cries after being fed, it may signify that your baby needs to burp that is having air in his or her tummy.

All you need to do is to pat and rub his or her back which is a good way to burp your baby. Burping your baby after breastfeeding is good even after sucking a pacifier helps a lot.

Your Baby Might Be Tired

Your baby might be tired after being passed around from aunties to uncles at a family get together. He or she tends to cry because he or she needs rest.

As a mother, you ought to have known methods to put to baby to sleep fast so you can try to take your baby to a quiet room to calm him or her or you take a walk with your baby to make her feel relaxed.

Your Baby Might Be Pinched

Your baby may react to some skin irritation by a zipper, strap of a stroller, car seat belt or a label. All you need to do is to locate what may cause your baby cry and help remove them.

Your Baby Might Feel Sleepy

Your baby finds it difficult to fall asleep when he or she is tired. To make him or her sleep you have to do some activities to calm him such as:

Swaddling your baby – this is comfortable for new mothers or new born as some babies respond fast to a lullaby, rocking movements or the hum from a vacuum.

Also, don’t stop your baby from having a nap in the day time with the thought that he or she will not sleep at night. Allow your baby to sleep whenever he or she feels like sleeping.

Your Baby Might Feel Insecure

When your baby reaches six to nine months old, your baby tends to cry whenever you want to leave him or her feeling that he or she might not see you again.
It is a growing process, all you need to do to cuddle and bring him or her close to you to give her assurance.

Your Baby Might Have A Diaper Rash

Some babies cry because they have a diaper rash making them feel uncomfortable. All you need is to get a diaper rash cream for your baby’s bum.

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