Homemade Remedies For Women In Menopause Age.

September 14, 2017

Menopause can be regarded as the stoppage of a woman’s monthly period for 12 months.
It does not happen suddenly but occurs gradually.

 This gradual process is known as PREMENOPAUSAL TRANSITION PERIOD. It is a period where the woman’s ovaries stop functioning.

The general period or age for a woman to attain menopause range from 45 – 51 years but this process can occur as early as 30 years and can be as late as 60 years before taking place depending on your body system.

Researchers confirm that no test can predict when a woman is going to have her menopause; also this period cannot be measured by the time a woman’s menstrual period starts. It is stated to occur naturally.


More so, the changes and symptoms of menopause can begin earlier even before you reach the expected day. It can be triggered when a woman smokes a lot or have never given birth to any child or living in areas having high altitudes.


This is a period in a woman’s life where a woman’s fertility declines and her menstruation is not regular towards when she will get to her menopause period.

During the menopause period, some areas in your body shut down while some areas revive such as eggs that no longer travel to your fallopian tube and end of your monthly discharge.

You need to be very careful in your first year as your occasionally throws an egg which results in some women having late babies they never bargained for.

The symptoms of menopause are as follows:


Cardiovascular disease

Heart disease

Breast cancer

Abnormal vaginal bleeding

Mood swings

Loss of hair


Skin becomes dry and itchy

Night sweat

Hot flashes

Weight gain

Painful sexual intercourse

Back pain

Poor memory



Soreness of joint

Loss of libido

High risk of osteopenia

High blood lipids to mention a few

A woman can be in more danger during her menopause period through the food she eats, such as:

Eating conventional meat

Consuming fried foods

Taking alcohol

Taking carbonated drinks

Eating processed foods


                             Homemade Treatments To Help During Menopause

Yarrow – helps to control hot flashes and night sweats during your menopause period. You need to take it as a tea.

Hawthorn berries – helps to give your veins and arteries strength during this period and also helps your blood to flow well.

Soy – it helps some women to reduce hot flashes. It is advisable to use only non – GMO soy products for best results.

Chaste berry – when taken as a tea helps a lot.

Black cohosh – when taken as a tea can help to build the woman’s system gradually.
black cohosh

Ginseng – helps your body to manage stress.

Saw palmetto – has been tested to be helpful to women in their menopause period.

Clary sage – helps women during their menstruating period and can be of great help during their menopause period.

Flaxseed – is rich in omega – 3 fatty acids which help to reduce your cholesterol level.

Red clove – reduces your risk of having heart problems and loss of the density of your bones.

Maca root – helps to manage stress, slow down aging and lessen restlessness, tiredness and hot flashes.

St. John’s wort – helps to eliminate inflammation, balance mood, reduce depression and sleeplessness.

Vitamin E oil
– when applied to your vagina lubricates it and lessens hot flashes.

Taking cold drinks – try taking cold water or possibly fruit juice that is enriched with antioxidants as this will make you feel cool but stay away from diuretics.

Mountain mint and pennyroyal – these two mints will help to stabilize your hormonal action.

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