Homemade Hair Treatments For All Types Of Hair

September 12, 2017

Hair treatments vary and each hair treatment works well on a particular type of hair. You have to understand your kind of hair and the problem before applying hair treatments so that you don’t end up damaging your hair rather than repairing it.

Commercial hair treatment works well when you use the right one to solve your hair problems. It can be a night mare when you use the wrong or cheap products for your hair ignorantly.

In this post, I am going to explain different types of hair and suggest homemade treatments that can be used to overcome the problems.

Treatment For All Hair Types

Raw eggs are proven as the best treatment that works for all hair types. It comprises of egg white and egg yolk. The egg yolk helps to moisturize your hair naturally because it is rich in fats and proteins while the egg white is rich in bacteria eliminating enzymes which will help to extract oils that are not needed for your hair.


For those with normal hair, condition your hair once a month with a whole egg.
For those with oily hair, condition your hair twice a month with egg whites only.
For those with brittle hair, condition your hair with only the egg yolk.

Whichever type of hair you have, you just need ½ cup of egg mixture which you will apply on a clean and wet hair. Wash off with cool water and hair shampoo after 20 minutes of application.

Treatment For Dull Hair

Dull hair is as a result of the wrong application of hair and styling products which removes moisture from your hair making it look dull.

This can be resolved when you use products that contain Lactic Acid. This will help to remove dirt and moisturize your hair because it is rich in milk fat. Examples of homemade products you can find these acids are plain yogurt and sour cream.


Use any of the mentioned products to massage your hair every week. Apply it on a wet hair and wash off after 20 minutes of application.

Treatment For Itchy Scalp

This is caused by poor dieting, stress and weather conditions. These factors cause the generation of dry flakes on your scalp which can be treated using lemon juice, olive oil, and water.


Mix 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and water in a bowl. Apply this mixture to your wet hair and wash off with warm water and a shampoo after 20 minutes of application. This procedure should be done on a weekly basis.

Treatment For Limp Hair

To make your hair thick and voluminous you need a flat beer. It has a high content of yeast which will help to strengthen weak tresses.

Things needed are:

Egg        1

Flat beer      ½ cup

Canola or sunflower oil      1 teaspoon


Pour the beer into a bowl and leave it for 2 – 3 hours for the carbon to evaporate, then add the oil, egg and mix well. Apply this mixture to your wet hair for 15 minutes before washing off with cool water. This treatment is to be applied weekly for best results.

Treatment For Sun damaged Or Dry Hair

All you need to treat this hair is honey, olive oil, avocado oil and egg yolk. These will help to restore the keratin protein bonds that the sun has removed from your hair. This treatment needs to be carried out monthly for best results.


Apply a ½ cup of honey to your wet hair for 20 minutes before washing it off with warm water, but if the honey is too thick you can add olive oil to make it lighter before application.

If your hair is badly damaged by the sun, mix honey with avocado oil or egg yolk in a bowl and apply it to your wet hair for 20 minutes before washing off with warm water.

Treatment For Oily Hair 
All you need to treat this type of hair is corn meal or corn starch.


Pour some amount of corn meal or corn starch into a bottle or jar and shake very well. Apply all to your dry hair from the roots, after 10 minutes of application, use a hair brush to brush it out of your hair.

Treatment For Tangled Or Frizzy Hair

All you need for the treatment of this type of hair are plain yogurt, avocado (pear), egg yolk or mayonnaise. This treatment is to be done twice a week.


Mash one avocado (pear) in a bowl, in another bowl mix plain yogurt, egg yolk or mayonnaise with a little avocado together.

First, apply the mashed avocado to your wet hair, after 15 minutes of application; apply the mixture in the other bowl so as to trigger its moisturizing power.

Treatment For Residue – Ridden Hair

All you need to treat this type of hair is baking soda. Baking soda is rich in sodium bicarbonate which will help to break down the acidic level in your hair. This treatment should be done twice a week for best results.


Add water to 2 tablespoons of baking soda, mix well to get a smooth fine paste. Apply this paste to your wet hair using your fingers to massage the paste well in your hair.
After 15 minutes of application, wash your hair with hair shampoo and water.

In conclusion, any hair type you may have, note that washing your hair every day can make your hair dry and damage your tresses. Wash your hair less often and apply the mixture of olive oil and mayonnaise as a deep conditioning treatment, and wash off after 30 minutes of application but not suitable for those with oily hair.

This will help to moisturize your hair and you will notice an oily result making your hair shiny and attractive.
Also, always try to trim the ends of your hair to make it healthier and stronger preventing it from getting damaged.

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