Awesome Online Stores You Can Shop For Your Baby Needs

September 13, 2017
As a pregnant woman, a mother to be you need to do some shopping for your unborn baby which is very necessary.

 When shopping for yourself and the baby, you have to prepare well for the task ahead of you, which is becoming a new mom.

After giving birth, to your baby you might not have enough time to shop like when you are still expecting your baby because the presence of your baby requires a lot of care which may take most of your time.

style="display: inline-block; height: 90px; width: 728px;">When expecting your baby and planning your shopping list, you must consider the following:

Things your baby will need on and after delivery such as baby gear essentials, baby clothing, baby care items etc.

Things to set up your baby nursery.

Things your baby will need in his or her first year.

Nursing mother clothing for easily breastfeeding.

Things needed by the mother on and after delivery.

All these can be achieved effortlessly without visiting different stores on your own, without the stress of transporting goods bought from stores home whereby stressing yourself and your unborn baby.

You can get all you need by just taking orders and the products will be at your doorstep without lifting a finger. This is by shopping online.

All you need to do is to browse on a trusted e-commerce store, pick all the things you need at a cheaper rate and your order will get to your door in a matter of days.

Below are online stores you can trust and shop with at lower prices

                                                                Ali express

Ali express is a subsidiary of Alibaba. It is an e-commerce store where you can buy things as a retailer or consumer.

Ali express is a marketplace you can trust because they provide security for buyers especially when you are ordering the goods from another country.


          Look out for these tips when shopping with Ali express

Be careful when dealing with the sellers because you cannot trust all the sellers on this platform.

Order your goods from sellers that have been in the system for long. You can know this by their ratings, signifying how reliable they are and how fast they respond in the case of delayed delivery.

If all these are put into consideration then your shopping with Ali express can be trusted.

eBay is characterized as the world’s largest e-commerce store. This is because the platform accommodates buyers and sellers from all over and they allow the selling of new and second-hand products depending on your financial power.


eBay can be seen as a store where a soon to be a mother can shop, even if she does not have the financial power to provide herself and her baby with new products.

                                                   How to shop on eBay

As a buyer on eBay, you must register before you are allowed to do any transaction which is free.

On this platform, as a buyer you can look out for seller’s lists in the BUY IT NOW listing. As a buyer, if you are ready to pay the seller his/ her price then the product belongs to you.

As a buyer on this platform, you need to consider the seller's ratings by previous customers, to be on the safe side.

When buying from this platform, you have to watch out for the cost of postage and packaging which will be on the top of each product ordered for.

The most interesting part in buying from this platform is that you are given a choice as a buyer to either buy a product at a price or opt for an online auction.

                                                            Bonanza, as the name implies, is a place where you get bonanzas. It is a marketplace where you buy unique products.

Here you get products that cannot be seen easily anywhere, so if you are a mother looking for unique items for your baby, then consider shopping with

                                              How To Shop On Bonanza

As a shopper or buyer, you don’t need to register or have an account with them before you can shop or buy on the bonanza.


As a shopper or buyer, you are free to search through their platform for the required products you need with no hassle but the cost required for each transaction you do on bonanza varies depending on the product you purchase.

When shopping on this platform, you deal directly with the seller and not directly, so you have to be careful of the transaction you do as there is no reliable refund policy.

If any problem arises with goods purchased or any seller you can contact to ask questions or publish a complaint if any.


Amazon is regarded as the world’s biggest online retail store where you can order nice baby items from. It is an e-commerce store you can trust when it comes to online shopping and goods are purchased at the cheapest rate.

As a soon to be a mom, you don’t need to stress yourself on moving from one store to another looking for goods, on this platform you just need your phone or laptop to place an order and the goods can get to your door that same day depending on the time of order.

This platform offers a good security policy for customer goods, so you don’t need to worry about whether or not your goods will get to you.

How To Shop On Amazon

When shopping on Amazon as a soon to be a mom, you have to consider the following:

Amazon is an easy platform to carry out a transaction, as you only need your laptop or phone to place your orders.

Before purchasing anything on this platform, you need to create an account with them.

You also need to add a shipping address; this platform allows you to add multiple shipping addresses and names of people in case you decide to ship the goods to someone else.

You also need to add your credit card details, which you will use to pay for the goods.

After completing these steps, then you can search for the goods you need using their search bar.

Add as many goods as you need to cart and check out by choosing your desired shipping location.

Your goods will get to your location within a day if orders are placed on time or possibly the next day.


Walmart is known as a multinational retail e-commerce store in America. It is a store that can provide a soon to be a mom all the baby items she needs to shop for.

This platform is trusted and reliable when it comes to online business as they provide the consumer and his or her goods optimum security. If you are looking for a good e-commerce store to purchase things, try Walmart.

How To Shop On Walmart

As a buyer, you need to register on this platform.

Search for items you want to buy

Add to cart.

You can review your items again; if you intend to remove any item when you click on the remove button.

Then you can check out

On this platform, you can decide to ship your items to your house or you may decide to pick it up from the nearest store.

If you are shipping the goods to your house then you need to add your address.

The date your goods will get to you will be shown.
If you are picking it up from the nearest store, then you have to fill in the location, the name of the person that will pick up the goods and possibly the person’s phone number for security purpose.

Also, you may wish to create an online baby store of your own using Shopify platform and earn money while helping other moms get what they need.

You can learn how to create and make money on Shopify HERE

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