Stages Of Pregnancy And Things You Should Expect During This Period

April 01, 2017

Pregnancy can be seen as the fertilization and growth of one or more offspring. It can also be regarded as gestation period which involves the development of one or more offspring inside a woman.

It is an act which occurs by means of sexual intercourse or assisted reproductive technology and is confirmed with a pregnancy test due to some signs the woman sees.
It does not occur throughout a lifetime but for around 40 weeks from your last menstrual period. This is calculated as a period of nine lunar months, each months consisting of about 29 ½ days.


Pregnancy changes your life, body, and emotions and is different for every woman. This is because some women may glow with good health and vitality in the first three months of their pregnancy while some may look weak and feel miserable and some glow throughout the pregnancy stage while some may not.

Pregnancy is classified into three stages or trimesters which includes

a.     First stage or trimester (1 – week 12)
b.     Second stage or trimester (13 – week 28)
c.      Third stage or trimester (29 – week 40)

Symptoms of early pregnancy

1.     Dizziness and fainting
2.     Hunger
3.     Nausea
4.     Mood swings
5.     Missed periods
6.     Vomiting
7.     Constipation
8.     Spotting and cramping
9.     Frequent urination
10.  Tender breasts
11.  Back pain and headaches
12. Tiredness
Common discomforts and symptoms that happen during pregnancy are as follows

1.     Varicose veins
2.     Breast tenderness
3.     Constipation
4.     Increased urinary frequency
5.     Heartburn
6.     Edema (swelling)
7.     Pelvic girdle pain
8.     Nausea
9.     Piles (hemorrhoids)
10.  Regurgitation

11. Stretch marks (striae gravid arum)
12. Urinary tract infection
13.  Back pain
15. Braxton Hicks contractions.

                                       Late pregnancy symptoms

a.     Mild contraction
b.     Sleeping difficulties
c.      Heartburn
d.     Swelling of the fingers or ankles
e.     Frequent urination
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