10 Perfect Oils You Need for Your Natural Hair

April 01, 2017

These are oils that are inevitable for people who are trying to get the best of their natural hairs. 
hair oils

  This is because it helps to sink down into your hair, penetrating the inner structure of your hair due to it liquid state which is easily absorbed by the skin whereby moisturize, strengthens, enhances the adequate growth of your hair and discourages any damage of your hair.

Below is the list of oils that can be of great importance to your hair but the usage depends on how amazing it works for your hair as you don’t need to have all of them in your closet.

     Coconut oil – it is an anti fungal, anti viral and anti bacterial kind of oil that helps to prevent hair loss and damage. It is regarded as a sensitive oil that contains a high amount of lauric acid and vitamin E which penetrates into the hair shaft easily.
       Organic coconut oil

    This oil is very good to use both during pre-washing and post washing process of the hair due to the loss of protein during this process. But with the application of this oil it helps to minimize or prevent this from happening rather it prevents split ends and makes your hair stronger.

       Grape seed oil – this oil contains a high amount of vitamin E and linoleic acid which helps to fortify your hair follicles, eliminates the effects of dermatitis and dandruff in your hair. It is a light oil, non-greasy in nature, odorless and can be used to prepare hair concoctions due to these amazing properties.
     Natural grapeseed oil

      Almond oil – it is a type of oil that is embodied with monosaturated and saturated fats. It has a heavy density which makes it amazing for protecting and sealing up the hair. It also works perfectly well on damaged and dry hairs as it makes it soft and smooth.

      Hair moisturizer almond oil

      Avocado oil – it is a type of oil that is embodied with different varieties of hair nutrients such as protein, iron, vitamins A, B, E and D, magnesium, folic acid and amino acids. All these nutrients packed in this oil helps to moisturize and amazing on damaged, fragile and dry hair.
          Virgin avocado oil

It is light and easily absorbed by the hair and skin, it can be added to your shampoo, serves the purpose of deep treatment and sealant to the hair.

  It consists of a natural humectants characteristics that help to lock in moisture to the hair, restores scalp health, enhances healthy growth of the hair and protects the scalp.

    Jojoba oil – this oil looks like the natural oil produced by the hair which makes it unable to meddle with the scalp’s natural balance. It comprises of monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamins B1, B2, B6, E, and A, it also has antibacterial properties which make it a great oil for treating dandruff and helps fortify your hair follicles.

     Jojoba oil golden organic

      Sunflower oil – this oil is good but cannot penetrate the hair like coconut or avocado oil, it consists of omega 6 fatty acid and gamma linolenic acid which helps to soften and condition the hair, it is light oil and also eliminates hair breakage.

     Organic sunflower oil

      Olive oil - this oil is light, has anti-inflammatory properties, anti oxidant and consists of monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamins. It penetrates the hair easily, improves your scalp health, encourages hair growth and eliminates dandruff on the hair.

olive oil

     Extra virgin unfiltered olive oil

It is very good for those with sensitive skin type as it causes no allergic reaction, helps to eliminate frizz, coats each strand of your hair and works amazingly as a sealant.

       Canola oil – it consists of monounsaturated fats which are very good for getting rid of frizz fast, helps to eliminate hair breakage and amazing when used as a hot oil treatment for the hair. It is the cheapest oil so far and also effective.

      Spray canola oil

       Safflower oil – it is classified as a monosaturated and poly unsaturated oil which consists of oleic acid and omega 6 fatty acids. It has small molecular size and fatty content which makes it amazing for nourishing the scalp and helps it to penetrate the hair easily.

      High olic organic safflower oil

     Castor oil – it is a kind of oil that consist of triglyceride acid and ricinoleic acid which makes it unique and very efficient. It helps the growth healthy hair, enhances scalp circulation, eliminates split ends, hair breakage and serves as a good hair sealant.

      Lawn mole castor oil

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