9 Symptoms of first stage pregnancy and the need for doctor’s attention

April 06, 2017

The first stage or trimester of pregnancy ranges from 1 to 12 weeks of pregnancy which is the first three months of your pregnancy. It is a delicate period that requires care and attention as any mistake or negligence on the side of the woman can lead to miscarriage.

During this period, some women tend to look weak and miserable while some glow and look vibrant.
Below is a list of some signs you should expect at the first stage of your pregnancy and some signs that require a doctor’s attention immediately.

1.    Discharge – this is normal during the first stage of your pregnancy which is called leucorrhea it is a thin white milky discharge but if you feel uncomfortable with it, you can wear a panty liner but never use a tampon so as not to create a breeding ground for germs in your vagina.
In cases where the discharge is greenish or yellowish discharge with awful smell then you need the attention of a doctor.

2.    Heartburn – this is as a result of high secretion of the progesterone hormone in your body during the early stage of your pregnancy. This hormone causes the relaxation of smooth muscles and the ring of muscles in the lower esophagus that is responsible for keeping acid and food down in your stomach resulting in acid reflux (heartburn).
This can be avoided by eating smaller meals for the day, avoiding acidic foods like citrus fruits and avoiding spicy and greasy foods.

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3.    Bleeding – during the first stage of pregnancy, some women happens to have slight bleeding which indicates that the fertilized embryo is in the uterus. This is visible among 25% of pregnant women but in cases where you experience a sharp pain in your abdomen, a lot of bleeding or cramping then the attention of a doctor is needed as this may be signs of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy which is the growth of the embryo outside the uterus.

4.    Mood swings – your changing hormones and tiredness can make you have some emotional reactions such as restlessness, miserable, terrified and cranky but in this kind of situation, you need to find a listening and understanding ear or person as this will make you feel relax a bit.

5.    Constant urination – in the early stage of your pregnancy where your uterus is growing it put pressure on your bladder which makes you visit the washroom frequently.  Do not be discouraged in taking fluids because your body needs more of it but try to reduce your intake of caffeine.

6.    Breast tenderness – this occurs due to hormonal changes in your body preparing your milk ducts to feed your baby making you have sore breasts.

first stage pregnancy

7.    Change of taste – this is also known as food carvings which are experience during the first stage of your pregnancy; you may feel irritated by the sight of some foods you love while not pregnant this is normal.
Giving in to food cravings from time to time is normal as long as you are eating foods that contain low calories. But giving in to pica is bad which involves the love for non-foods like dirt, laundry starch, and clay. This can be very dangerous to your baby’s health.

8.    Morning sickness – this affects almost all pregnant women as nausea is the earliest signs of pregnancy. This happens due to the hormonal change in the body and can last throughout the first stage of pregnancy.

Nausea happens mostly in the morning that is why it is tagged as morning sickness. It differs in pregnant women as it may or may not involve vomiting, it can curtail it by not eating foods that will make you sick to your stomach. Also by eating snacks high in protein such as meat, cheese or crackers can calm its effect and sip clear fruit juice, ginger ale, and water, this can even be done even before getting out of bed.

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9.    Tiredness – due to the changes in your body, your body work hard to adapt to these conditions and aid the proper growth of your baby. This makes you weak and feeling tired most times, so whenever you feel tired try to take rest and endeavor to get enough iron in your food or supplements.
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