Safety Tips on Food Preparation during Pregnancy and Healthy Snacking.

April 06, 2017

During pregnancy, there are some safe and healthy ways to prepare your meals to prevent complications and health issues which might be dangerous to your baby. 

Below tips that will help you when preparing your meals during your pregnancy period.

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1.    Store raw foods and ready to eat foods separately to avoid contamination.

2.    Always wash all utensils, surfaces, and hands after preparing raw foods such as vegetables, eggs, fish, poultry foods, and meat and shellfish to avoid food poisoning.

3.    Always use a separate knife and chop board for raw meats.

4.    Always wash vegetables, salads, and fruits thoroughly to remove any or all element of soil on these foods to prevent you from contracting toxoplasmosis, a disease caused by a parasite known as toxoplasma which is found in the soil found in fruits and vegetables. 

5.    Always heat ready meals especially those containing poultry well so as to prevent eating raw foods which are dangerous to your health and that of the baby.

During pregnancy we tend to feel hungry between meals and tend to satisfy our hunger with some snacks, healthy snacking is also important during this period and it also helps to ensure healthy growth of your baby. 

If you intend to take snacks, avoid snacks that are high in fat and sugar such as biscuits, chocolates, sweets or crisps instead try the following snacks

      Salad vegetables such as cucumber, carrot or celery.

       Milky drinks.

      Vegetable sticks or wholemeal pitta bread with hummus.

       A slice of toasted fruit bread or a tea cake and fruit, malt loaf.

       Pitta bread with mashed tuna, lean ham, grated cheese or sandwiches or sardines with salad.

       Fruit with low fat or sugar fruit yogurt, plain yogurt or fro image fries. 

        Vegetables and bean soups.

h.    Ready to eat prunes, figs or apricots.

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