How to Detangle Your Tangled Hair (Frizzy Hair)

April 01, 2017

Frizz occurs on the hair when the cuticle layer of your hair swells as a result of your dry hair sucking up moisture. It can also be seen as a situation that occurs as a result of brushing a dry curly hair which makes the cuticle layer of your hair is raised and causing frizz or tangles on the hair. Frizz is always knotty having tight curls; it affects people with curly hair mostly than those with straight hair.

Frizzy hair is not sleekly, silky, adorable or sexy in nature, one whose hair is prone to frizz is always afraid of humidity, perspiration or rainy conditions which can make their hair fuller.

It is consists of different types and caused by several factors, that is why it is advisable to know the type of frizz you have on your hair before looking for solutions.

                                        Causes of frizzy hair

1.     Dehydration of the hair.
2.     The way we style our hair.
3.     Rising of the hair cuticles.
4.     Brushing dry hair.
5.     Climate conditions.
6.     Using the wrong hair products.
7.     Over processed hair.
8.     Sleeping on cotton pillowcases.
9.     Regular washing of the hair.
10. Towel drying of hair.

                                         Types of frizzy hair

1.     Halo frizz – this type of frizz is not seen anywhere else than the crown of your head.

2.     Surface frizz – is not found underneath the hair but only on the outside of your hair.

3.     In the curly frizz – this type of frizz eliminates the smooth curls on your hair by frizzing through them.

                                 How to Get Rid of Frizz on Your Hair Fast

1.     Selection of hair products – always choose the right hair products for your hair, you may find it difficult to make the right decision due to the information was given but choosing the right hair products will detangle your hair faster. A wrong hair product can make your frizz worse.

2.     Use wet fingers to comb dry hair – when your hair sucks up moisture due to the climatic conditions which make it frizzy, the easiest and quickest way to tame the frizz is to comb your hair with wet fingers as using a brush will make it worse.

3.     A good hair cut – to tame a frizzy hair, you can also visit a good stylist who can give you a good haircut on your curly hair and good treatment to prevent frizz but a bad haircut will make the frizz worse. So opt for a good hair cut for a faster way to tame frizz.

4.     Use a protein – infused conditioner – you can tame a frizzy hair fast by using a protein infused conditioner, it will help to manage the frizz and also make your hair shiny.

       Moisture shampoo and hair conditioner

5.     Always use a conditioner when combing – you can get rid of a frizzy hair by mixing a conditioner to water and apply it to the tips of your hair with your hands, this will coat your hair shaft and prevent moisture from sinking into it easily.

6.     Protect your hair from heat – heat can make your hair frizz, always use a heat protecting spray on your hair before blow drying or styling it with curling or flat iron.

7.     Use a sopped up blow dryer – this type of dryer diminishes frizz by compressing the cuticle layer of the hair and preventing the hair to suck up moisture easily.

8.     Applying a hot oil treatment – always apply a hot oil treatment on your hair weekly. It will strengthen your cuticles and help diminish frizz fast when selecting choose treatments that contain jojoba oil and apply is below your hairs for best results.

9.     Use children detangling spray – this spray is not as oily as other products, so it helps to detangle hair and knots easily by adding it to your hair before combing it.

     Awesome orange kids detangling spray

10.  Use alcohol-free products – in the process of detangling your hair always use an alcohol-free product as most hair sprays and mousses are made of alcohol which will make your cuticles swell. For a fast diminish of frizz opt for an alcohol-free product.

     Color lock alcohol free mousse

11.  Always apply a silicone serum to your hair – before styling your hair always apply a silicone serum to your hair as it will coat each strand of your hair and make your cuticle smooth whereby diminishing frizz. Apply the serum to your hair using a wide tooth comb and allow your hair to dry or style it with a blow dryer.

12. Always use a boar bristle brush – before you shower always try to brush out your hair with a boar bristle brush to tame frizz.

13. Rainy trick – whenever you are caught up in the rain and this makes your hair pouf out try to use a hair serum to make your cuticle flat.

14.  Dry your hair naturally – whenever you wash your hair, before using a blow dryer to dry your hair let it dry 90% naturally before applying this method.

15. Use a sulfate free shampoo – if you have a frizzy hair try to avoid shampoos that contain sulfate as it will make the frizz worse.

                                     Things to avoid

1.     Flat and curling irons.
2.     Using round brush to smooth your hair.
3.     Brushing wet hair.

4.     Sleeping on cotton pillowcases.
5.     Towel drying your hair.
6.     The urge to touch your hair at intervals.
7.     Over-processing your hair using relaxers and straighteners.
8.     Brushing dry hairs.
9.     Washing your hair often.
10.  Blow drying your hair from the top.

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