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11 Risks Involved Becoming a Mom Over 40 Years of Age.

You might decide not to be a mom earlier due to some reasons but do you know that your decision might be dangerous to you and your baby to some extent. This is because as you delay childbearing until later in life the risk of having a baby with chromosomal abnormalities as well as Down syndrome increases by the day.
Generally, there are more risks having a baby when you are over 40 due to the increase in genetic abnormalities as the egg gets older by the day. A woman over 40 who is pregnant needs to be under the care of a consultant obstetrician at the hospital than any midwife in the community.
Below is a list of the risks involved for you and your baby as your age increases.

1.Pre-eclampsia – this happens due to the amount of protein present in your urine and high blood pressure. It is a condition that can result in the death of the mother in most cases, but in cases where it is detected earlier the baby has to be delivered prematurely to save the life of the mother and baby and this i…

How Do I Know When I Am Ovulating?

Ovulation can be seen as a period where a matured egg is ejected from the ovary and directed to the fallopian tube preparing it to be fertilized. Majorly as a woman, this process occurs every month because a mature egg will be given out by the ovaries to the fallopian tube which makes it ready to be fertilizing by a sperm.
A woman is said to be born having millions of immature eggs that are waiting aimlessly for the period of ovulation in her body so as to be fertilized, researchers said that she ovulates 400 times in her lifetime which gives her the express chance to become a mother.
Every woman has a fertile window of only six days in a cycle and this happens because your egg as a woman can live up to 24 hours after leaving the ovary but the sperm of a man can only live up to five days in normal conditions.
Ovulation process occurs in most women 15 days before their next period but this process of ovulation can occur before or after your menstrual period as the case may be. The menstr…

9 Symptoms of first stage pregnancy and the need for doctor’s attention

The first stage or trimester of pregnancy ranges from 1 to 12 weeks of pregnancy which is the first three months of your pregnancy. It is a delicate period that requires care and attention as any mistake or negligence on the side of the woman can lead to miscarriage.
During this period, some women tend to look weak and miserable while some glow and look vibrant. Below is a list of some signs you should expect at the first stage of your pregnancy and some signs that require a doctor’s attention immediately.
1.Discharge – this is normal during the first stage of your pregnancy which is called leucorrhea it is a thin white milky discharge but if you feel uncomfortable with it, you can wear a panty liner but never use a tampon so as not to create a breeding ground for germs in your vagina. In cases where the discharge is greenish or yellowish discharge with awful smell then you need the attention of a doctor.

2.Heartburn – this is as a result of high secretion of the progesterone hormone in y…

How to do Pregnancy test at Home Easily

Pregnancy indicates you are becoming a mom soon, it comes with different natural signs and symptoms which include delayed or missed a menstrual period, sweating, breast tenderness, morning sickness e t c. with all these symptoms you still need to confirm your near certainty whether or not you are pregnant.

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Funny enough, not all women experience these signs and may still bleed during her monthly period which may leave her in a confusing state of whether or not she is pregnant.

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With the help of easy pregnancy test carried out in the comfort of your home, you can detect the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) known as pregnancy hormone in your urine which can only be found only when you are pregnant. Although, these test may require you to carry out more than one method to ascertain the possibility or the need of carrying out a backup test by a spe…

19 Causes and 8 Treatments of Swellings in the body (edema)

Swollen feet are problems that can affect anyone because it is not a disease but rather signs of an underlying issue. Mostly, this problem occurs when fluid accumulates in the tissues resulting in swellings or when small blood vessels in your body release fluid into tissues next to it the excess of this result to the swelling of the tissues also known as edema.
 Edema affects a small area of the entire body. Systemic disease such as nephrotic syndrome are the common cause of edema, it exists in different forms or types but the most common ones are eye, peripheral and cerebral edema. It can be analyzed using blood tests, heart function tests, liver function tests, chest x-ray or urine test.

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The different types or forms of edema are: 1.Dependent edema – is a type of edema that occurs on the legs and lower part of the body which happens due to the gravity and depending on a particular part of your bodies such as long standing or…

Safety Tips on Food Preparation during Pregnancy and Healthy Snacking.

During pregnancy, there are some safe and healthy ways to prepare your meals to prevent complications and health issues which might be dangerous to your baby. Below tips that will help you when preparing your meals during your pregnancy period.

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1.Store raw foods and ready to eat foods separately to avoid contamination. 2.Always wash all utensils, surfaces, and hands after preparing raw foods such as vegetables, eggs, fish, poultry foods, and meat and shellfish to avoid food poisoning. 3.Always use a separate knife and chop board for raw meats.
4.Always wash vegetables, salads, and fruits thoroughly to remove any or all element of soil on these foods to prevent you from contracting toxoplasmosis, a disease caused by a parasite known as toxoplasma which is found in the soil found in fruits and vegetables. 5.Always heat ready meals especially those containing poultry well so as to prevent eating raw foods which are dangerous to your health and tha…