15 Risky Habits That Can Affect Your Female Genital

March 15, 2017

Your female genitalia (vagina) are the most sensitive part of a woman’s body. It is acidic in nature and it is build up with some vital bacteria it needs to defend itself from dangerous infections and which also help it to balance its PH level.

Most women tend to be a concern with keeping healthy of the other organs of the body but ignore the health of their vagina, forgetting that any problem with their vaginal can be deadly, cause irritation and lot of discomfort.

When the case of a hygienic way of living is raised, we all focus on the clean environment, putting on good and clean clothes, keeping your rooms and kitchen clean, keeping good health with exercises, trying to live a stress-free life and to crown it all, eating a balanced diet. But we are never concerned about knowing what and what not to do with our vagina and knowing that the health of your vagina is of great importance to your living a hygienic life.

Although, the vagina is sensitive and tends to be difficult to maintain but with the following tips you will learn about what you are to keep away from your vagina or honey pot.

               Tips on What You Should Never Do To Your Female Genitalia.

1.     Wearing tight underwear – your underwear is meant to cover your honey pot from external germs penetrating so easily, so when putting it on it must be free and convenient, not too tight.

   Tight underwear enhances the development of yeast infections due to the heat and moisture in the area of the vagina. It also encourages vagina irritation, chafing and ingrown hairs which take the time to heal and very painful. When choosing your underwear, opt for cotton materials because they are breathable and synthetic in nature but avoid polyester and lace materials because they are not – breathable fabrics and can encourage the development of yeast and bacterial infections.

2.     Piercing your Honey Pot – in some countries piercing is seen as a fashion such as piercing of the nose, ears, lips, eyebrows e t c but funny enough in this present generation people go as far as piercing their vagina for reasons best known to them. 

      Some believe that when you pierce your genitals it enhances your sexual efficiency and some for show off, some believe that they are been adventurous when they pierce their genitals while some think they need to show that they are more civilized e t c.

Genital piercing is often done in areas like the clitoris, the outer or inner labia e t c and when undergoing this process it is always very painful and can lead to the damage of the surrounding wall of your genitals which will result in heavy bleeding and damage to some nerves.

             By piercing your genitals, you are exposing your body to dangers such as risks of contracting viral diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B and C, tetanus and other sexual transmitted diseases through the instruments used or you can get infected with infections through the opening in the body as a result of this act.

3.     Douching - this is the act of washing your female genitalia with substances such as soaps that contains antiseptics and fragrances or mixture of some substances with water to clean the vagina so as to eliminate awful odor or to feel refreshed or to wash away menstrual blood or to avoid STDs or after sexual intercourse to stop pregnancy e t c.

This tends to be very dangerous to your vagina health even the essence of practicing these act is defeated because douching does not prevent all these but rather, it causes more harm than good. All you need is to use a warm water to clean the area whenever you intend to clean it.

The vagina you intend cleaning has self-cleaning properties which it exhibits on its own and does not need these materials to be clean. Douching causes an imbalance of the PH level of the honey pot, pelvic inflammation disease, recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis and bacterial vaginosis.

4.     Keeping it moist – whenever you take a shower endeavor to dry your honey pot with your towel this will not give bacteria, yeast, and infection a breeding ground to develop. Leaving the area moist with friction from your underwear can result in imbalance PH level and irritation which will lead to some other infections. So try as much as possible to give your vagina a second of your time after a shower to keep it dry.

5.     Sleeping in your underwear - it is not advisable to put on your underwear in bed at night because your honeypot needs to breathe. Putting on underwear always to bed can cause infections from ingrown hairs, bacteria or yeast especially if you are putting on underwear that is not airy or absorbent, it causes your vaginal to heat up and retain moisture which is dangerous to the health of your female genitalia.

6.     Improper way of cleaning after using the toilet or bathroom - the way you clean up after using the toilet or bathroom matters a lot, this is because the anus is close to your honey pot. Improper cleaning of the area can result in moving bacteria from one place to the other such as from your anus to your vagina.  This can be possible when bacteria mix with your vagina mucosa which can lead to infections. The proper way to clean up after visiting the washroom is to clean from your honey pot backward to your anus.

7.     Using sanitary pad or tampon for too long – during your monthly flow, it is necessary to maintain a proper hygiene that is you must change your pad or tampon frequently. 

      Leaving your pad or tampon longer than necessary can give rise to the development of infections. More so, the PH level of the blood oozing out of your body is higher than that of your female genitalia, so leaving it for too long is risky.  It is said that women get infected mostly when having their menstruation with some kinds of infection which may be more dangerous and life threatening such as Toxic Shock Syndrome. When having your menstruation, you need to change your pads or tampon at least every 4 – 8 hours.

8.     Tightening your vagina with substance – using objects to tighten your honeypots such as vagina tightening sticks to change its elasticity or shape is very dangerous. At the end of the day you will need a lubricate the area before having sexual intercourse which tends to be very painful, also it tends to alter the normal and natural vaginal discharge which is beneficial to the vagina health. It is advisable that your partner accepts you the way you are to avoid the generation of more health issues.

9.     Improper management of your pubic hair - if your pubic hairs are not properly managed it can lead to ingrown hairs and other forms of infections on your female genitalia. 

    Total removal of your pubic hairs by hair removal creams, waxing or shaving can be dangerous to your vagina health. It is said that total removal of pubic hair gives you a greater chance of contracting STDs; this is because this act affects the skin membrane exposing it to bacteria. Your pubic hair helps to prevent the development of infections such as genital warts and herpes; it also helps to absorb moisture. Instead of total removal trim it from time to time.

10.  Vajazzling – this is the act of visiting a salon to apply sparkly genes after a bikini wax professionally, or a woman may tend to adorn her area on her own. If you really intend to vajazzle, do it outside and closer to your stomach and avoid doing it inside your vagina.

11.   Using substances as lubricant – the act of using substances like tea tree oil. Petroleum jelly as a lubricant can be very dangerous. Using lubricants such as this can cause chemical burns, pains, and discomfort; it can also cause imbalance PH level, irritation, and infections which tend to be very dangerous to your vagina health.


12.    Pop acne on pubic area – no matter how painful your pubic acne is, learn not to pop it as the popping of acne can result in the infection of other areas that are not affected. Also, popping acne can make it deeper which can cause swelling, redness, and inflammation of the area leading to permanent scarring. It is advisable to leave the acne to heal on its own and this will take a week or two.

13.                         Female Genitalia steam – the latest trend at the spa today is vagina steaming which many women are going crazy about. This act involves a woman removing her underwear and sitting on a special chair that has an herbal infused steam where the vapor is trapped into the vagina with the aim of cleaning and balancing the vagina hormone.

This act is very risky for the following reasons:

a.     The steam may be too hot for your skin which may result in burns that are very difficult to treat.
b.     Aside from burning the surrounding skin, it may also damage your rectum and bladder.

c.      This act causes dryness of the vagina which alters the natural and normal discharge of the vagina which is very beneficial to your vagina health.
d.     It promotes the rate of yeast infections.
e.     It causes abnormalities in the PH level of your vagina.

14.  Self-diagnosis – due to the ignorance on the part of many women, they tend to put their vagina health in great danger by believing in self-medications. When you experience some kind of issues or abnormalities in your vagina the safest and quickest person to talk to is your doctor. Self-diagnosis put your vagina health and life in great danger because what affects your honeypot can cause a lot of discomfort to your general health.

15.  Using sharp objects – a small tear or cut in your honey pot can result in bleeding that can endanger one’s life. This can enhance infection and irritation due to this opening on the skin. 
     Deeping sharp objects in your female genitalia or playing with sharp objects around this area can cause more harm than good as it could lead to death through excess bleeding. It is advisable to visit a doctor once a cut or tear is noticed and do not try treating it on your own to avoid complications.

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