11 Causes Of Swollen Veins And 5 Homemade Remedies To Help Get Rid Of It Fast

March 05, 2017
Swollen veins are also called Varicose Veins or Varicosities. This occurs when the veins develop weaken walls or when your valves malfunctions which cause swellings on calves and thighs but can also develop anywhere in the body.

Various veins are not dangerous at such but tend to give people affected concern as it causes pain, restlessness, burning sensation and heaviness in the legs due to improper circulation of blood creating noticeable and bulging veins which can be felt by touching.

Varicose veins affect both men and women of any age but it affects the women mostly within the childbearing age and older people.

They are often painful and are red or purple or bluish color. In some cases, it causes discoloration or ulcers around the ankles.

                                            Causes of Varicose Veins

     Genetic factors – it is said to run in families


     Weakness of valves in the veins


      Standing for a long period of time




      The use of birth control pills

   Adding pressure to the midsection area of the body (the abdomen)

      Living a lazy or motionless lifestyle

                                      Symptoms of Varicose Veins





      Discoloration or ulcers around the ankles

                 Prevention and Treatments of Varicose Veins

     Undergoing vein stripping surgery.

     Maintaining a healthy weight.

     Stay away from excessive exposure to the sun.

     Limit standing or sitting for long period of time.

     Avoid crossing your legs for long period of time.

   Undergo exercise that strengthens the leg such as jogging, walking, climbing stairs e t c.

Homemade Remedies On How To Treat Swollen Veins Fast

     Olive oil- by using this oil to massage the affected area will increase blood circulation and diminish pains and inflammation.

      The can be achieved by warming a mixture of this oil with vitamin E and using this warm mixture to massage the affected area twice daily for 1 – 2 months and see the amazing results.

.     Apple cider vinegar – this works amazingly on varicose veins as it helps to improve blood flow, circulation naturally while it eliminates the swelling and heaviness of varicose veins. 

      This can be achieved by apply few drops of undiluted apple cider vinegar on the affected area and gently massage it with it morning and night. 

      Garlic – this is a wonderful herb in decreasing inflammation and the signs of swollen veins as it improves blood circulation and breaks up harmful toxins in the blood vessels. 

      This can be achieved by slicing garlic into a glass of orange juice, add olive oil after 12 hours of preparation, use little to massage the affected area in a circular motion and wrap it with a cotton cloth overnight.

     Witch Hazel Essential oil – this oil helps to strengthen blood vessels whereby eliminating the signs of varicose veins. It helps to decrease the swelling due to the presence of Gallic acid.

      This can be achieved by soaking a cloth with this essential oil and using it to wrap the affected area thrice a day for 2 months.

     Cayenne pepper – can be said to be the best kind of treatment for swollen veins because it is rich in vitamin C and bioflavonoid which helps to eliminate pains and improve blood circulation.

   This is achieved by mixing 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper to a cup of warm water and drink thrice a day for 2 months.

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