13 Causes Of Cracked Heels And 5 Homemade Methods To Treat Them

March 08, 2017

This is also known as Heel Fissures. It is the situation where the heels lose moisture and get dry which is known as Xerosis and the surrounding skin is thick which is referred to as Callus whereby causing it to crack.

  Anyone with cracked heels normally has a thick skin or callus at the bottom of his or her heels which looks yellowish or dark brown in color especially along the border of the heels and it always dry leading to cracks.

Viruses and bacteria can enter into the body system through these cracks resulting to serious infection and ill health.

Heel fissure can happen when the heel pad wants to enlarge but due to the thickness of the surrounding skin or lack of moisture, the expansion leads to the cracks which at times may involve bleeding.

It is said that lack of nutrients like omega – 3 fatty acids, vitamin E, iron, zinc, and calcium can lead to having crack heels.

                                                 Causes of Cracked Heels

      Lack of moisture on the skin resulting from not applying moisturizer on the heels.

      Body dehydration.


      Poor nutrition.

      Standing for a long period on hard floors.

      Wearing shoes that have open backs.


      Skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

      Scrubbing dry feet.


    Using soaps that are dry and harsh on the feet.

     Always taking a very hot bath and showers.

        Cold weathers.

                              Factors that trigger heel fissures fast

       Diabetes – people who have diabetes are more prone to heel fissures, this is because the nerves in their feet are weak and damaged by the high blood sugar they have which the body cannot control.

This makes their body dry encouraging cracks, their body system is easily infected by various diseases through these cracks than people who are not diabetes patient.

     Obesity – this cause heel fissures due to the weight on the heel pad, this weight makes the heel pad to enlarge the more and during this process, if the heels lack moisture or too dry it results into cracks.

                              How you can take care of cracked heels.

Cracked heels can be taken care of by doing the following

      Knowing the cause of your heel fissures before using any medications.

       By strapping which is applied to bring the cracked heels together while using medications to heal it. Although this method can be painful it helps.

       Applying moisturizer or emollient to add moisture to the affected area.

      Visit a dermatologist and podiatrists to apply tissue ‘glue’ which happens in rare situations, this glue will hold the edges of your heels together to quicken healing of the heels.

     Debriding your heels by removing the callus on your heels that are the thick skin.

     Applying a heel cup to prevent the fat pad of the heels from enlarging sideways.

      Treating Cracked Heels Using Homemade Ingredients

Cracked heels can also be treated using homemade ingredients when medical methods seem expensive using the following methods

      Oil Massage Methods – the use of oils as moisturizer tends to be the best homemade or natural method for both cracked heels and the skin treatment at large. This is because they contain the essential nutrients the skin needs to glow and are rich in antioxidants.

This can be done by using one of these oils or mixing two different oils together, such as coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, grape seed oil or sesame oil.

 All you need to do is to wash your feet with warm water and massage them with at least a mixture of two of these oils and put on socks before going to bed.

      Oatmeal pack – grind your oatmeal into powder, scoop 1 tablespoon of it and mix with jojoba oil to form a paste and apply on the cracked heels every day for 30 minutes before washing off till it heals.

      Rose water pack – mix ¾ of rose water to ¼ of glycerin with fresh lemon juice in a bowl. Soak your feet in a mixture of warm water and salt for 20 minutes rubbing them with a pumice stone to remove dead skin cells from the heels.

   Remove from water, pat dry and apply the mixture before going to bed. This treatment will make your heels soft and smooth without fissures.

     Vinegar soak remedy –all you need is a bottle of white vinegar, add ¼ cup of white vinegar to water and use it to soak and scrub your feet gently for 10 minutes, remove and pat dry. 

   White vinegar is effective in the treatment of cracked feet as it contains acetic acid which is mild on your feet and makes them soft and smooth but does not apply it to your feet directly to prevent complications.

      Fruit pack – this is done by doing a fruit mask and applying it on your cracked heels for quick healing. All you need is 1 ripe banana, ½ coconut flesh, and 1 avocado.

   Grate the coconut flesh and mix with the banana and avocado to form a paste, apply to your heels for 15 minutes every day before washing it off. Apply it till your heels heal.

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