7 Amazing Homemade Treatments For Freckles And Their Causes

March 08, 2017

Freckles are flat tanned or light brown spots that appear on the skin when exposed to the sun.

Those affected with freckles do not have plenty of melanin cells rather they have melanocytes that produce a large number of melanosomes also known as melanin granules resulting to changes in the color of the outer skin.

  It is more of a cosmetic problem than a health issue, it is harmless and common among people with fair or light complexion because they have little melanin pigments in their skin cells.

It is advisable to visit a dermatologist when there is an unusual appearance of freckles as it may be a skin cancer, as this health problem can be passed over by a mere freckle. It is said that someone with a pale skin with freckles has higher chances of developing cancer than another person with the same skin tone without freckles.

Freckles appear on the upper body such as upper shoulders, nose, cheeks, and arms and can appear on children as young as a year old.

Freckles vary in color in different people, in some people it may be yellowish, light brown, black, brown or reddish in color but they differ from the color of the surrounding skin and most of them are uniform in color.

Freckles may fade during the winter and resurface during the summer because they are sensitive to ultraviolet rays of the sun.  It could generate easily when the dark pigment in the skin (melanin) is not distributed evenly making a particular spot in the body to be lighter than the surrounding skin which is known as Pigment Precipitation.

Freckles can be seen as a hereditary kind of skin problem that runs in families, so it is inherited by children and it appears before puberty.

                                                     Types of Freckles

a.     Ephelides - this kind of freckles appear during the summer months and fade away in the winter months. It could be hereditary and appears as round red or light brown spots.

b.     Lentigines – it is genetic in nature and does not fade away during the winter months. The spots may be small brown, tan or black spots which are darker in color than an ephelides kind of freckles.

                                               Causes of freckles

1.     Excessive exposure to sunlight makes freckles to appear more and common among fair skinned people.

2.     Freckles are genetic in nature so you can easily be affected with it if one or both of your parents were affected with it.

3.     Hormonal imbalance is when the estrogen malfunctions whereby encouraging the pigment-producing cells to produce more color when exposed to the sun.

4.     In rare cases such as when Xeroderma Pigmentosum is triggered to increase production due to its sensitivity to excess exposure to the sun.


                               Tips for Those Who Are Prone To Freckles

1.     Always use sun block lotion each time you go for swimming and be sure to apply it every two hours in cases of heavy perspiration.

2.     Always put on a broad brimmed hat when going out under the sun to protect your face from direct sunlight.

3.     Apply the mixture of ginger juice, aloe vera gel and cucumber juice on your skin to get rid of freckles.

4.     Always use a sunscreen of high quality that will protect your skin when going out under the sun.

5.     Apply a mixture of honey and water for few minutes to the affected area and wash off with tepid water.

6.     Apply castor oil to the skin at night before going to bed and in the morning by using a tissue to wipe the affected area. This is because castor oil works well for treating skin pigmentation.

7.     You can also rub fresh ginger roots on the affected area twice or thrice a day for amazing results.

8.     Use a cotton ball to apply a mixture of half cup of milk with three spoons of sea salt to the affected area thrice or four times monthly.

                                   Homemade Remedies for Freckles

1.     The application of buttermilk on freckles helps to lighten them.

2.     Always apply the mixture of grounded yellow mustard with milk to the affected area at night and wash off in the morning.

3.     The use of onions juice is very good in diminishing freckles and age spots by rubbing a slice of red onions on the affected area twice a day till spots fade away.

4.     You can also apply a sour cream on your face and wipe it off with a tissue before applying your moisturizer for effective results.

5.     When you use fruit and vegetable mask consisting of strawberries, apricots, cucumbers and red currant regularly on the affected area will help to lighten your freckles.

6.     Apply the mixture of sugar and lemon juice to the affected area with the help of a brush.
7.     You can also apply lemon juice on the affected area to bleach out dark spots.

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