5 Awesome Ways You Can Build Your Beauty Bones At Home

March 01, 2017
Collarbones can be regarded as beauty bones or clavicles. For a beautiful body structure in both men and women, you must have collar bones.

 It makes you look more admirable and glamorous. Some people are lucky to have it naturally, but if you don’t, you can always build it with the help of exercises.

                             Ways You Can Build Your Beauty Bones At Home

1   Messaging – you can make your collar bones noticeable by massaging it using a massaging cream. This is done by placing your index fingers above the collarbones and gently rubs your finger in an outward direction.

       Using makeup – all you need is a bronzer which is a little darker than your skin tone and a highlighter that is without sparkle.

      Stand in front of your mirror and lift your shoulders so that your collar bones can be noticeable, forming hollows, leave it like that while you grab your brush, dip into a bronzer and apply it on both sides of the hollow till the middle point in circular motion.

       Drop your shoulders and apply the highlighter along your collarbones and be careful that the highlighter doesn’t mix with the bronzer after this raise your shoulders again to see if there is a need for some adjustments if none then you are good to go.

    By reducing excess fats from your body and neck area – this can be done with the following exercises

-         Jogging

-         Swimming

-         Skipping

-         Cardio exercises

-         Running

-         Brisk walking

-         Cycling

     Doing exercises that work on the neck and chest –  these exercises are meant for beginners as they make their bodies get used to this, such exercises are

-         Chest lift – this is done by sitting on the floor and crossing your legs, then you lift your shoulders until your collar bones are visible and hold on for 5 seconds before relaxing. Do this for 5 – 10 times

-         Elbow rolls – this is done by placing your hands on your shoulders and rolling your elbows in a circular motion.

-         Pulling of chest bone muscles – this is done by pushing your chest forward such that your collar bones are noticeable and hold on for 5 seconds before releasing.

-         Shoulder roll – this is done by rolling your shoulders in a backward direction while making small circles then later you roll to the front.

As a beginner, when your body gets used to these exercises, then you can try tougher exercises like

1.     Dumbbells flies

2.     Chest presses

3.     Ab crunches

4.     Push Ups

5.     Butterflies

 By doing yoga exercises such as

-         Elbow Press

-         Chest lift

-         Forward bend

Chest stretch.

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