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Your Female Genitalia and Your Health

Your female genitalia (vagina) are the most sensitive part of a woman’s body. It is acidic in nature and it is build up with some vital bacteria it needs to defend itself from dangerous infections and which also help it to balance its PH level.
Most women tend to be a concern with keeping healthy of the other organs of the body but ignore the health of their vagina, forgetting that any problem with their vaginal can be deadly, cause irritation and lot of discomfort.
When the case of a hygienic way of living is raised, we all focus on the clean environment, putting on good and clean clothes, keeping your rooms and kitchen clean, keeping good health with exercises, trying to live a stress-free life and to crown it all, eating a balanced diet. But we are never concerned about knowing what and what not to do with our vagina and knowing that the health of your vagina is of great importance to your living a hygienic life.

Although, the vagina is sensitive and tends to be difficult to maintain …

How To Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast

Stretch marks are long narrow strips that generate on the skin which has a different color with the surrounding skin color.
Stretch marks are can affect anybody and affects both sexes but it is common among women. It happens when the skin cannot return to its normal elasticity level after a period of growth of the skin. It often affects areas where fat is stored in the body.
Stretch marks are not medical or health kind of skin problems but rather they are cosmetic problems that affect the quality of life. It can cause anxiety and assumptions among people, it disfigures, causing psychological and emotional distress among the young ones and during pregnancy.

It affects approximately 70% of girls during puberty and appears on the skin of expectant mothers especially the younger pregnant mothers after the 25th week of their pregnancy. Initially, it appears to be reddish or purplish in color and after sometimes it fades to silvery white lines that may or may not disappear.
Stretch marks are n…

How to Treat Eczema, Causes, and Symptoms

Eczema is a skin problem that involves the appearance of patches on the skin when it is cracked, rough, itchy and inflamed.
In some cases, there are appearances of blisters and it happens when the skin barrier function is affected.
Eczema can be triggered by many things such as foods (nuts and diary), environmental factors such as smoke and pollen.

It affects both sexes and all skin colors, those with light skin the affected area may be red at first and later turn brown which is common among children. But the darker skinned, it affects their pigmentation, where the affected area is lighter or darker in color.
In cases where eczema affects infants, it accompanies an itchy rash which results to oozing, crusting condition which surfaces in areas of the face and scalp but the patches can appear in any part of the body.
Eczema can be treated where it will diminish totally but in some cases, it is a lifelong skin problem. It is said to be genetic in nature, which is commonly found in families w…

Freckles, Cause and Treatments

Freckles are flat tanned or light brown spots that appear on the skin when exposed to the sun.
Those affected with freckles do not have a large amount of melanin cells rather they have melanocytes that produce a large number of melanosomes also known as melanin granules resulting to changes in the color of the outer skin.
  It is more of a cosmetic problem than a health issue, it is harmless and common among people with fair or light complexion because they have little melanin pigments in their skin cells.
It is advisable to visit a dermatologist when there is an unusual appearance of freckles as it may be a skin cancer, as this health problem can be passed over by a mere freckle. It is said that someone with a pale skin with freckles has higher chances of developing cancer than another person with the same skin tone without freckles.

Freckles appear on the upper body such as upper shoulders, nose, cheeks and arms and can appear on children as young as a year old.
Freckles vary in color …