10 Benefits And How To Do A Good Facial And Body Steam At Home

February 08, 2017

Facial steaming is an act of relaxing your nerves and body generally after a tiring and stressful day work.

  It can also be regarded as a gentle and natural substitute to treat harsh exfoliation. It is an ancient type of treatment for both the face and body which was practiced by women of the ancient Greece and Rome. 

    Facial steaming is known for its ability to

 Open pores.

 Remove all hidden dirt in the skin.

 Makes your skin glow and more clarifying.

 As a result of the sweat the body emits during the steaming process, it cools the body system naturally whereby relaxing your nerves and making your body light.

      Clogged pores which are easily eliminated through facial steam or steam bath, which helps to clean your body from the inside out by cleansing your pores, soften the surface layer of dead skin cells and driving dirt and debris out of your body effortlessly.

 This process also stimulates the production of sebum which lubricates and protects the skin against further skin problems.

 It is very good for those prone to break out and mild acne, it is best carried out by recommendations based on your skin type for best results.

Aromatherapy facial steam

       Steaming done with abnormal hot steam or water can worsen some skin problems like redness and encourage broken capillaries which are dangerous to the skin.

 Note that trying to extract acne or blackheads forcefully can make clogged pores to worsen and make the acne or blackheads penetrate deeper into the skin.

                                  WAYS OF DOING FACIAL STEAM

     Using a bowl of warm water.  This is the local way of performing a facial steam which involves the boiling of water, pouring it into a bowl and trapping the steam to your face by covering a blanket over your head for some minutes.

     Using a warm towel.  This is by dipping a towel into a bowl of warm water, squeeze the water out, and place it on your face for some minutes.

     Using a facial steamer.  This is using a commercial facial steam instrument to perform this process without going through the stress of boiling or using a blanket or towel to trap the steam to your face.

Spa quality facial steam

                                        BENEFITS OF STEAMING

    It helps to remove dead skin cells from the body giving you a youthful and radiant look.

     It softens blackheads and white heads making it easy to remove from the skin.

     It helps to eliminate all the build up dirt and debris accumulated by the body which our daily body or face wash cannot remove completely.

     It enhances adequate circulation of blood in the body which allows the free flow of oxygen and other vital nutrients in the facial tissues.

     It helps to counter the signs of aging.

     It helps to soften the outer layer of the skin.

     It helps to boost hydration.

     It cleanses your pores which are responsible for the breakout of acne or blackheads on the body.

     It makes your skin to be more receptive by allowing it to absorb other skin care products easily.

   It helps to cool the body system naturally through the sweat it emits.


    Facial steaming is to be carried out at most once or twice a month depending on your skin type to prevent it from generating more skin issues.

Those with spotty or broken skin are not advised to do facial steam except their skin is healed.

When doing a facial steam, it is advisable to start slowly because too much of heat on the face can lead to break in skin capillaries.

Facial steam not done with care can result into skin sagging.

The face or skin may get scaled due to the hotness of the water.

Excessive facial steam dries out the skin making it lose moisture paving way for break-outs such as acne, blackheads or whiteheads.

Before and after facial steam, do not rub or tug on your skin as it can result in the damage of your skin elasticity.

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