How To Determine Colors Of Clothing And Foundations That Matches Your Skin Tone

February 16, 2017

                             Qualities Of People With Warm skin tone

Celebrities like Beyonce, Claire Danes, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba have a warm skin tone so if you also have this, you belong to the same category and the color with look great on you will be colors that have rich tone or appearance  of nature such as coral, orange, red, yellow, peach, amber and gold.

But will look stunning on a warmer portrait of cool colors like violet red, moss, orchid, and olive. You also look great in neutral colors like mushroom gray, taupe, and cappuccino cream.

Stay away from cool colors like icy blues or jewel tones like amethyst or sapphire as they can make your skin look gray and off.

                               Qualities Of People With Neutral skin tone

Celebrities like Kerry Washington, Angelina Jolie, Julianne Moore, and Julia Roberts have a neutral skin tone so if you have same then you fall into this group.

 Generally, those with neutral colors are free to wear any color but you better opt for colors that are soft and muted tone rather than the brighter ones.

Go for soft colors such as jade green, corn silk yellow, lagoon blue and dusty pink. For neutral colors go for colors like black, coffee, mud range of grays and off white.

 You will also look stunning when you wear a bright true red but colors like magenta and electric blue may tend to over power to neutral skin tone but do not mean you can’t wear them.

                                 Qualities Of People With Cool skin tone

Your cool skin tone goes with celebrities like Lupita Nyong’ O, Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling and Nicole Kidman. You will look stunning in colors like emeralds, deep purples, and bright blues, also on ice blue, pink, and chilly shades of lavender.

Warm colors like navy, bright white and ruby will also look good on you but stay away from colors that will clash with your skin tones like strong yellow, orange, and tomato red.
                                 Colors that look great on any skin tone

There are colors that go on any skin tone without clashing with it such as pure white. This color looks great on anybody except for the ones which may have cool or warm under tone.

Also, light blush pink gives your face a natural glow and stun any skin tone effortlessly. 

When you mix teal with green and blue it looks great on any skin tone but if you intend to wear the dark colors opt for colors like egg plant purple because it is a neutral color that does not over throw your skin tone.

                                        Skin Tone and your Foundation

    Those with warm skin tone should go for shades labeled chest nut, golden, beige and tan.


   Those with cool skin tone should opt for shades labeled cocoa, rose, stable and porcelain.

c    Those with neutral skin tone should opt for shades labeled nude, ivory, praline, and buff.

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