10 Habits We Have That Damages Our Healthy Hair Care Treatment

February 13, 2017


Hair growth treatments are generally used to stop loss, shedding and thinning of hair. It helps to repair, nourish, soften, and strengthen damaged hair or normal hair to achieve amazing results.

 Using of homemade or kitchen ingredients helps to reduce cost, stress at the same time help you to attain natural and amazing change on your hair making your hair free from chemicals which damage the hair easily.

                                         Bad Habits That Damages Your Hair Care Treatment

      Applying chemical products on your hair:

   it is advisable to rely less on commercial hair products such as shampoos, serums, and other hair styling products.

    This is because these products are produced with some harmful chemicals which are dangerous to hair and the later damages they cause might not be reversible.

      For instance, the presence of chemicals such as hydrogen peroxides and ammonia found in hair dyes leads to hair loss and thinning.

      It is of great advantage to use or apply herbal or homemade products or ingredients to your hair when masking or dyeing your hair because it involves the use of natural ingredients, try as much as possible to run away or reduce the act of overloading your hair chemical-based products so as to achieve the kind of hair you dream of having.

Avoid chlorinated water: - allowing the buildup of chlorine in your hair is very dangerous this is because it makes your hair to be fragile and frizzy and removes the natural oil in your hair, making your hair to lose moisture and making it prone to breakage.

      Swimming in chlorinated water is good for the body but bad for the hair as it contains more than 100 chemicals that destroy the hair, so it is advisable to use a swim cap when swimming and shampoo your hair after swimming to remove or reduce the chlorine level in your hair.

Frequent use of hair styling tools: - it is advisable to always allow your hair to dry naturally after a thorough wash rather than using hair styling tools such as straightening and curling tools which stimulates or encourages hair loss due to the much heat applied to the hair whereby causing damages on your hair including hair breakage.

Over washing:  it is advisable to wash your hair thrice a week but if you are always sweating or using lots of hair products, it is better to wash your hair every two days.

       In cases of plaiting it is advisable to wash once every two or three weeks this is because too much of shampooing the hair suck out the natural moisture in your hair whereby making it dry out and causing hair breakage.

Hot showers: - as good as a hot shower is to the body, it is very dangerous to your hair because the heat strips away natural oil from your hair, makes the hair dry and prone to breakages. 

        After a hot shower, it is advisable to pat your hair dry with a soft towel and allow it dry naturally rather than using a blow dryer and avoid rubbing your hair vividly.

Hair brushing: -  it is advisable to comb your hair before washing to lessen hair tangling, and always pat your hair dry with a soft towel and let it dry naturally or slightly damp before combing.

       Brushing your hair while it is wet is very dangerous because your hair strands are feeble and prone to breakage.

     Also, sleeping with wet hair is very dangerous to your hair as it curly or kinky in the morning due to scraping from the pillow. So it is better to use a satin pillow case to avoid this.

Forceful combing or pulling of the hair: - combing your hair aggressively is very dangerous to your hair as it makes it tangle the more, and causes split ends and hair breakage for months.

       The process of lifting the cuticles to comb aggressively or combing your hair backward destroy the natural protein fibers that are in the cuticles.

 Also, brushing the hair forcefully or over-brushing your hair makes your hair weak and delicate. Be gentle always with your hair while combing and do not try to do too much at once.

Tight hairstyles: - hairstyles like ponytails, braids, knots, and buns can be dangerous to your hair due to the tension on the hair follicles which cause massive hair loss and breakage. 

      This act also causes traction alopecia, this a process where the hair follicles are permanently weak and delicate whereby making the hair impossible to grow. Always try to keep your hair down and when trying, keep it loose.

Stress: - when you are under stress, it does not only affects your mental and physical state but also affects the hair,  which causes hair breakage and loss.

     In a stressful state, it makes your hair go into a fall out phase which triggers hair loss which can last for three months and will take six or nine months to recover the lost hair. 

      Try to reduce this state as it can not be avoided by doing some stress – buster exercises, meditating or taking a deep breath.

 Diet: - your hair growth requires the intake of some vitamins,  proteinous foods to keep it healthy. To make your hair grow well, your diet must be healthy, so try as much as possible to avoid junk foods and poor diet to avoid hair loss and brittle hair.

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