7 Reasons Why You Have Dark Skin On Your Pubic Area And 5 Homemade Methods To Get Rid Of Them

February 08, 2017

Discolorations between the thighs and pubic area is a cosmetic issue which causes embarrassment to major women who intend to put on bikinis, shorts, and mini skirts, but due to this such clothing turns out to be a major turn off. 

Fortunately, this issue is not a medical issue because it happens due to many reasons and mistakes we do with clothes we put on.

 Hyperpigmentation of the bikini line or pubic area is commonly caused by genetic factors and some people tend to develop excess pigmentation in their pubic area than others due to the following reasons:

 Over exposure to harmful ultra-violet sun rays.

     Excessive sweating.

     Wearing polyester underwear.

     Regular shaving.

     Constant friction between thighs due to wearing clothes that are too tight.

     Being affected by some kind of disease.

    Accumulation of dead skin.

The pubic area as we all know is a very delicate area where we cannot use commercial products such as bleaching creams or skin whitening products to lighten it.

 It is advisable to use kitchen ingredients to get rid of the embarrassing dark skin and when applying these ingredients, you need to wait patiently for results.

How To Get Rid Of Dark Skin On Pubic Area Using Home Remedies

Lemon Juice - this can be used to get rid of dark skin fast by rubbing it on the area for 15 minutes before washing off with warm water.

Orange peel - this is very good and helpful in getting rid of dark skin fast, all you need do is to gather orange peel, sun dries them, grind to a powder and add water or honey to form a paste. Apply on the area and wash off when dry.

Almond oil - give your dark skin on your pubic area a warm massage of almond oil before going to bed at night.

Cucumber Juice- grate cucumber, extract the juice and rub directly on the dark skin area. Wash off after 15 minutes of application.

Tomatoes - cut a tomato into two equal halves and use each to rub the area in a circular motion. This will help remove dead skin cells and dark spot fast, wash off after 15 minutes of application 

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