9 Quick Tips On How To Do Your Hair Mask At Home And Its Benefits

February 17, 2017

    A hair mask is an act of adding moisture to your hair so as to maintain, restore, repair, your hair. They are the best option to make your hair bounce back and make it healthy.

 It can also be seen as a moisturizing treatment which helps to keep your hair in top shape. This process does not entail much money, as you can also practice it on your own. Those with dry hair need hair mask to make their hair soft and shiny.

Before applying a hair mask, know the hair problem you are intending to solve so as not to apply the wrong mask.  Examples are listed below:

     You may have dry hair which looks dull, has split ends and lack oil.

b   It could be a combination type of hair that is oily at the roots but dry at the ends which are as a result of brushing and over styling.

     It could be a normal hair that just needs to add lost moisture to the hair to make it healthy.

    It could be an oily hair which you are looking for ways to reduce the excess oil production.

The following treatments are suggested to treat these problems.

     For dry hair, use ingredients such as avocado, it has a natural oil that will add moisture to your hair, so you mash it and add other ingredients. Banana is good to increase your hair elasticity and prevent breakage and is good for the treatment of dandruff.

Honey has the ability to retain moisture to your hair; Mayonnaise is used to make your hair thick, shiny and hydrated.

 Olive oil strengthens and nourishes your hair, coconut oil makes it soft and shiny and eggs which strengthen the hair. Any of these ingredients can be mixed with each for amazing results.

      For combination hair type, you can use ingredients like:

Yogurt which gives your hair essential nutrients, moisture and repairs the damages done to the hair.

 Mayonnaise and strawberries help to moisturize, restore your hair and control oil production in the hair. Eggs and apple cider vinegar gives your hair protein, repair, eliminates dullness and balances the PH level of the hair. Yogurt and baking soda removes build up dirt, add moisture to the hair.

c     For oily hair try and stay away from products that contain silicon as it will make your hair more oily, rather use ingredients like;

Apple cider vinegar that will make your hair stronger, healthier and remove build up dirt.

Strawberries help to control oil production and restore your hair with the essential nutrients it needs.

 Lemon juice helps to close pores, control oil production, removes dirt and may lighten your hair if you walk under the sun immediately after application.  

       Things you should know when masking are:

     Hair mask should be done once a week due to the effect commercial products on your hair and change in seasons, so as to give your hair the moisture it needs.

2   Always ensure to choose a hair mask that is convenient for you, so as to stick yourself to it to achieve amazing results.

     When using it on dry hair, ensure that your hair absorbs the mixture before washing it off.

     Hair mask can be done over the night and wash off the next morning, either due to lack of time or due to the dry nature of your hair.

    Always try to concentrate more on the ends of your hair when masking because they are the most fragile part of your hair.

    Always ensure to shampoo and condition your hair after each application.

     Always comb the mask through your hair but endeavor to use a wide tooth comb when handling wet hair to prevent hair loss.

     After masking, your hair should not be greasy or too oily, to prevent this use the right hair mask for your hair type and do not go overboard with the application.

     Hair mask does not take a whole day or hours but minutes, the major aim is to boost moisture that your hair needs.

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