11 Benefits And How To Do A Good Facial Mask Using Homemade Remedies

February 08, 2017

A facial mask is one of the processes of facial treatments which is done after cleansing, exfoliating, extraction and massage processes of facial treatment. It is a process of hydrating, clarifying, revitalizing the skin. 

 It treats your particular skin type which means that different facial mask is used for different skin types depending on the facial issue you intend to work on.

 It is meant for different purposes such as deep cleansing, easy extraction of blackheads and whiteheads, healing purpose, brightening the skin tone in a gradual process.

    Facial masks come in different forms such as dry or solid state and wet state but the general aim of its application is to revitalize, refresh, repair, heal or rejuvenate the skin. 

After its application, it is removed by peeling off or wiping off or rinsing off with water or using a wet cloth or cotton wool to remove from the skin.

 Its duration ranges from few minutes to overnight depending on the mask applied.

     Facial mask pampers your skin, it makes your skin firmer and clearer that is why it is regarded as a therapeutic process of healing or transforming the skin. 

Those with sensitive skin type are advised to use a portion of the mixture on an area of their skin to see the reaction before using it on the entire skin, so as to see if the skin will react positively or negatively to the mixture. 

Some facial mask can be used frequently but some are not suitable for this, it is advisable to get detailed information about the facial mask you intend using before applying it.

                                               Benefits of facial mask

   It assists your skin care regimen that is it helps other skin care products to work efficiently.

     It unclogs pores.

     It serves as a blanket to the skin.

     It eliminates dead cells.

     It tightens and tones the skin.

     It replenishes lost nutrients to the skin.

     It makes the skin firmer.

     It hydrates the skin.

     It gives your skin a fabulous look.

 It provides deep nourishment for the skin.

  It aids fast healing of acne or hyper pigmentation.

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