Reasons Why You Need A Cleanser Or Face Wash For A Squeaky Clean Face Twice A Day

February 08, 2017

A facial cleansing is regarded as the basis of facial treatment as it involves the removal of dirt from the skin, preparing it for the task ahead that is easily absorbing of materials applied on the skin. 

 It can also be carried out when you are exhausted or slightly tipsy to reduce stress. It is an act that helps to remove makeup, dead skin cells, oil, dirt and other kinds of pollutants from the skin using a cleanser or face wash.

      A cleanser and face wash do the same job but are slightly different because a cleanser helps to remove excess oil, makeup and dead skin cells from the face.

Electric pore cleanser

It also helps to unclog pores and prevent skin conditions like acne. While a face wash helps to dissolve deeply rooted debris and cleanse the pores with the help of its foamy properties.

 The face wash is good for those who wear lots of makeup or are exposed to lots of dust, it works well for those who have oily skin as it removes excess oil.

 They can use it twice a day, but for those with dry and sensitive skin, it is advised that they use it once a day to avoid their skin to be too dry.

      Also, cleansers are a better option to bar soap for facial cleansing as the PH level of a bar soap is high. 

It is too thick for the face and it increases your chance of having acne and clogged pores.

Effective cleansing can be carried out in the following forms:

Ø  Scrubbing the face with cleansing oil and later washing the face with warm water to make it cleaner.

Ø  Using a cleanser that works well for your skin tone so as to prevent break-outs or extreme dryness of the face and be very careful and watchful when choosing your cleansers.

Glycolic facial cleanser

 Stay away from cleansers that contain fragrance which causes skin irritation, parabens which contain toxic preservatives and harsh soaps which dry the skin.

Ø  Splashing cold water on your face after each cleansing session helps to close your open pores to prevent breakouts and redness of the skin.

Ø Massaging your face with your fingers after each cleansing sections helps to increase the circulation of blood on your face.

Ø Washing your face twice a day that is morning and night also helps to prevent breakouts on the skin.

  This method is suitable for those with oily skin as it helps to remove excess oil from their face leaving it clean.

 It is not advisable for people who have dry or sensitive skin as this could make their skin drier exposing it to break-outs.

Apply a toner on your face after cleansing as it helps to calm and balance the skin PH level.

 Avoid the use an alcohol-based toner as it will strip off your skin of natural oils. 

Ø Always use a brush to apply cleansers to your face as it helps to scrub and remove dirt and dead cells better than your hands. 

 Rinse your brush and air dry it after each use and replace the head once every three months.

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