14 Factors That Cause Breast Sagging And 6 Ways You Can Make Your Breast Firm Again

February 09, 2017

Breast sagging is a process where the breast loses its bounciness and tensile strength. It is a natural process in women, as it happens due to some factors which are inevitable as the woman advance in age.

       It can also be regarded as when your breasts lose its suppleness and elasticity. 

The breasts are made from fatty tissues which have connective tissues and milk producing glands; it is common among women with large breasts because their breasts are prone to sagging due to the weight of their breast tissues.

  This process happens mostly when a woman gets pregnant; she passes through a lot of stages which affects the breast.

 After this, she proceeds to the breastfeeding stage which will last for a year or two. All these bounces back on the breast as the chest tissues become weaker making your breast to lose its shape and firmness.

Breast firming and lifting cream

      There are various factors that cause the sagging of the breasts and various ways you can lift your breast or strengthen your pectoral muscles to make them firm again. The factors responsible for breast sagging is listed below as:




 Nutritional variations




 Weight loss


 Sickness such as breast cancer, tuberculosis e t c

 Excess consumption of nicotine, alcohol e t c

 Excess consumption of carbonated drinks.

 Poorly fitted bra

 Hormonal imbalance

The breast can get its firmness once again, by doing the following:

Exercise - doing exercises that help to strengthen the pectoral muscles which are the foundation of the breast can make the breast firm again. 

Examples of these exercises are pushups, arm curls, chest presses  and dumbbell fly ( on the back, raising your hands above you) e t c

  Palms presses can also help to make the breast firm by pushing the palms together in front of your chest and keep on hold for 5 – 10 seconds before releasing it. This exercise can be done frequently for best results.

Yoga - this has been generally seen as an act that works great on the whole body system.

 It entails body flexibility and toning which also centers on the breast region depending on the position you practice frequently. 

Yoga involves different styles concentrated on different parts of the body, but the ones that focus on the upper arms will be beneficial to the firming of the breast.

  Examples of such exercises are the triangular pose, the cobra pose, and the standing forward bend.

  Some positions also help to battle with the effects of gravity which is the major cause of breast sagging, examples of such positions are heads-stands, back – bends and inverted leg stretch to counter the bad effects gravity has on the breast.

   Breast massage- this helps to firm the breast tissues, so endeavor to give yourself a breast massage at least twice a week to lift your saggy breast.

      It also helps to rejuvenate the breast supportive ligaments and improve blood circulation in the breast. Lumps in the breast are detected early in the process of massaging the breasts.

    This can be done by using a body lotion or cream or a counter breast lotion for the massage, all you need to do is to do a short smoothing strokes from your nipples outward towards the base of your breast.

 Place your hands on your breast covering it and caress them by squeezing and twisting them gently.

 Posture - this is one of the frequent cause of breast sagging that is not given much concentration.

 An example of such posture is lowering your shoulders and droop to the front without giving a basic help to your breast leaving them at the mercy of gravitational force will make your breast sag.

 This affects mostly those with large breast as they show signs of sagging faster than a smaller breast.

 Putting on special bras or fitted bras – many tend to put on bras without considering the fact whether it is the right cup for them or not, some even wear bras that do not give enough support to their breast.

    These make your breast sag fast and if you apply any breast firming process without putting on a fitted bra to lift the breast high, your breast will sag the more.

  It is advisable to choose the right bra which will lift your breast and give it adequate support.

Physical activities – we all have a normal behavior and some activities that we do frequently without the knowledge of its effect on the breast. Such activities are excessive forward bending, jogging and running.

   These activities involve a jerking motion which stretches the skin and muscles making it hard for the body to correct and counter its effects on the breast.

 When participating in these activities, try to put on the right size of sports bra to reduce the movement of the breast.

    Some women or athletes even wear two sports bras to intercept its movement completely. Although, these motions may happen consciously or unconsciously but should be reduced to prevent breast sagging.

Breast surgery – this is my undergoing cesarean operation to strengthen the pectoral muscles but this method is not advisable because it works for some but not for some.

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