3 Reasons Why You Need Armpit Cleansing And 6 Methods You Can Clean Them At Home

February 08, 2017

Armpit cleansing is good for everyone but necessary for those who have been wearing conventional antiperspirants or deodorants for quite some times now.

     Armpit cleansing will not only clean out build-up toxins on the skin but will reduce the amount and odor of sweat from the body, it also boosts the body immune system and reduces the risks of having cancer.

  Sweating is very healthy because it helps to cool the body system, eliminates toxins and encourages proper immune function; this makes some people avoid the use of antiperspirant.

                 Reasons Why You Need Armpit Cleansing

     Those who experience an uncomfortable rash or excessive sweating, and also their armpits produce an offensive smell due to the use of several deodorants.

    This is due to the over production of bad bacteria aggravated to worse odors when you stop using these deodorants. But with a good armpit cleanse, you will put those bacteria to check and smell naturally good and fresh every day.

     We all have a sticky or filmy build up in our armpits which do not wash away even after a shower. This is as a result of the active ingredients known as aluminum which clogs the pores to stop sweating.

 This ingredient is mostly found in some deodorants. But with an armpit cleanse, you can get rid of some of these chemicals in the skin tissues surrounding the armpit easily.

     If you are someone who gets sick or noticed enlarged lymph nodes on the neck or in your armpit, this is due to the fact that your lymphatic system is struggling to release chemicals and other foreign invaders out of your system.

 Which causes a sluggish immune system, then you need an armpit cleanse to put this to check.

                      Tips That Indicates Clean Armpit

When you have an armpit cleanse, you will notice the following:

Reduced or less odor emanating from your armpit even without wearing a natural deodorant.

Reduced irritation and perspiration after using natural deodorants.

No more products build up in your armpit.

A well improved lymphatic function and illness free body system.

 To support your armpit health reduce the intake of the following:



Garlic and onions.

Processed fatty and sugary foods.

Spicy foods.

For a healthy armpit, use only natural deodorant and never try your hands on conventional chemical- laden antiperspirants or deodorants.

Homemade Methods To Clean Your Armpit

Apple cider vinegar - this is a very good ingredient for cleaning our armpit and a good alternative to deodorants. 

All you need do is to dip a cotton wool into a solution of apple cider vinegar, then use it to wipe your armpit to eliminate bad odor.  

Corn starch - mix corn starch and baking soda together, then apply the mixture to your armpit for some minutes before washing off. This will help you to reduce excess sweat and eliminates bad odor.

Cucumber - grate and extract juice from a cucumber and soak a cotton wool with it. Use it to wipe your armpit, this will eliminate bad odor and help maintain a good armpit health.

Lemon Juice - cut a lemon into two equal halves and rub on your armpit. Leave it to dry before taking your shower.

Coconut oil - use some amount of coconut oil to massage your armpit and leave it on for 15 minutes before washing it off.

Orange peel - Get some orange peel, sun dries them and grind to a powder. Mix with water to form a paste and apply on your armpit, wash off after 15 minutes of application.

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